Xmas Dinner 2023

So today we delivered 34 Christmas dinners for our service users who wouldn’t have had one this Christmas! They had a sweet cone and mince pie for pudding and crackers to pull with the carers! Thank you to our office staff who purchased, cooked, plated up and delivered all of the dinners.
Thank you to some of the care staff who helped us to deliver them too. Thank you to Morrisons supermarket for a £10 voucher, thank you to SAMs FISH AND CHIP shop for the donation of tubs for the gravy, thank you Asda for the donation of plates and Christmas crackers! And thank you to BACON & CHARLIE for the donation of two turkey crowns and a gammon joint.

Finally, I would like to say a massive thank you to all of our care workers and office staff for their hard work this year and every year!!

Lots of love from all of the team here at Emerald Care Services -North Lincs LTD

Xmas Dinner 2022

So today all the staff at Emerald Care Services -North Lincs LTD cooked Christmas dinner for all of our service users who were alone this Christmas.

They had a dinner, mince pie, some sweets and a special cupcake made by one of our care staff who is an amazing baker!

Also this year our local scout group (10th Scunthorpe) have made care packages for Christmas, as a little gift for all the service users. These included soap, flannels, combs and many more essentials that someone may not be able to afford in the current climate.

Our local ASDA also donated the plates and a voucher for us to be able to buy the food we needed to make our service users Christmas! THANK YOU ASDA!!!!

Safe to say our service users were very happy with their little gifts from us and the scouts!

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and new year!

And I would like to say a huge THANKYOU!!! To all of our amazing staff who care so much for our clients!

You are all amazing!!!

Xmas dinner

On Christmas Eve we delivered a home cooked Christmas dinner to all of our clients that were spending Christmas alone and without a Christmas dinner, most of these being due to Covid -19. Extremely proud of my team of staff for pulling together to make this happen, and all of the care staff who worked over the Christmas period!

Safe to say we had some very happy services users with full bellies. #merrychristmas2020 #Emerald elves #everyonedeservesachristmasdinner


On 17th December 2020 we laid our candle for all of our clients that have lost their lives in this horrible year!!

Rest in peace you beautiful people 💖💙 xxx